Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marketplace exhibits take 2: Women in Rice Farming

On August 8, IRRI played host to women involved in rice farming. Because there was just so much to see and to learn during the one-day event, the organizers decided to feature the different research highlights just like during the Ambassadors' Day months back: marketplace-style. Aside from the different exhibits, there was a panel discussion on the role of women in rice farms. Farmers stepped up to share their stories too.

For this event, the Grain Quality and Nutrition Center was represented by me, Cindy, and Tita Dory. It was a good thing that a rehearsal run was conducted before the event; otherwise, we wouldn't be prepared for the number of guests dropping by. Once again, our elevator pitches were put to a test. 

A great experience, overall. :)

As usual, photos taken during the event were captured after the whirlwind visit of the guests.

Hello, participants!

Panelists during the discussion
Jojo Lapitan facilitating the discussion with the farmers and the guests

Thelma Paris (left), gender specialist

Bruce Tolentino talking with media with the grain quality posters in the background