Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wet and wild Wednesday surprise road trip

I opted to wait the rain out before I went on the road today. However, the rain wouldn't quit so I decided to go and hope that my trip would be uneventful. After all, it was no longer raining fighting cats and dogs at that time.

The initial portion of the trip seemed promising because the traffic condition wasn't so bad. The road was pretty much clean too...

Until I reached Real, Calamba...

Take note, visibility was so low that drivers had to turn on the headlights at 8:30am. Yes, 8:30am! The drive was pretty slow too, thanks to the wet asphalt.

I should have taken the scenic route but it's way too long, so I continued driving on the National Highway. The flooded section of the  Los Baños-bound road in front of Monte Vista (in Pansol, Calamba) did not convince me to turn back.

The commuter buses led the counterflowing because the water was just way too deep on the right side of the road. We, with the smaller vehicles, followed suit. 

I finally changed my mind when I saw the long queue of vehicles on the approach to Camp Eldridge in Los Baños. A long line like that meant only one thing: the road in front of me was flooded, either just enough to slow vehicles to a crawl or it wasn't passable at all. While waiting right in front of Splash Mountain Resort, I opted not to confirm visually that there's a flood. So, I turned back; it's better to go through flooded Pansol again while the water wasn't too high than to get stranded in between two flooded road sections... On an empty stomach. 

First stop, a quick break at McDonald'. And then I continued on the long road trip round Mount Makiling via SLEX, through Maharlika Highway in Batangas province, and up the incline and around the hairpins of the Mak-Ban Road. While I find this route the more scenic one, I normally don't take it because of the distance and because I'm intimidated by the Mak-Ban Road on rainy days, such as this.

Now how about that for road trip on a wet and wild Wednesday?