Friday, April 18, 2014

brain-to-mouth disconnect

After an evening of traveling, I was just plain hungry. With the restaurants closed for the evening, I opted to go to the McDonald's to buy the Filet-O-Fish value meal and a Sans Rival McFlurry to go. But I was so tired that when I got home; I decided to just eat the fries and leave the sandwich for breakfast the following day.

Next day...

I woke up super hungry. I opened the McDo bag... lo and behold! A box of Chicken McNuggets greeted me for breakfast! 


I really thought that I had ordered Filet-O-Fish! It's either the person at the counter did not hear me right or I was thinking Filet-O-Fish but uttered Chicken McNuggets instead. 

This experience definitely joins the adobo-adobe blooper I had in high school!