Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Rochie, look at me!"

Here we go again: Lola Bats and her quotable quotes...

One February morning, Lola Bats needed to be brought to the hospital to get a blood sample drawn. As luck would have it, it's also the day we were supposed to travel to Padre Garcia to visit her old house so it was easy to just move up the time we were dropping by and bring her to the doctor.

On our way to the hospital, Lola noticed my Cocoons (shades designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses). She wanted to try it out so I handed it to her. She asked my mom and my aunt how she looked and then she said,

"Rochie, look at me!"

Photo by Ninang Trining (I was driving when this photo was taken)

Looked like my pair of shades was enough to entertain my grandma during the short drive to the doctor! Good job, Cocoons!