Saturday, April 12, 2014

Somewhere only we know...

Burot Beach, Batangas.

This has got to be one of the best beaches I've ever visited. It's my version of paradise! It took four hours for us to get there but the long drive was well worth it. A major portion of that time was spent driving in one of the most remote places I've been to. The road to Burot led past a cemetery, into a gated property, through a mangrove forest, and then along a really dusty road. My newly cleaned car took on the color of espasol.

The good part of this trip: I was not alone. Ate Madie, Trisha, and Marco went along with me to the beach for a day under the sun. The original plan was Laiya; however, I am someone who makes plans, alternate plans, and alternate plans for the alternate plans... And that led us to what I think is fast becoming my favorite stretches of sand.

We built sand castles, played Frisbee, took a boatride to the sand bars, and watched the sun set over the West Philippine Sea. I enjoyed; the kids enjoyed; and Ate Madie didn't get too tanned. Hehehe.

What I loved about this place is it's a campsite... not a part of the beachfront-hotel-tourist trap circuit frequented by many beach-goers. Not yet, anyway. While I wish that the facilities be improved, I hope the beach doesn't lose its close-to-nature, Batangas'-best-kept-beach-secret feel.