Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review: Arabian night (?) at Raha Sulaiman Restaurant

One evening, Manuel, Ria, and I were all geared for a long drive. However, we were dissuaded from doing so. Therefore, our long road trip became a food trip! A restaurant caught our eye in Pagsanjan, named Raha Sulaiman; probably a new place or it's just an establishment we hadn't noticed before. We thought it would be a good time to try it out.

The restaurant held a lot of promise. We were expecting a unique dining experience since the menu featured international cuisine and the sign said there's Arabian food. However, I was not quite happy to learn that the restaurant was not serving basmati rice for South Asian and Middle Eastern food items. The food itself was good though... if only the restaurant owner/s can decide what its specialty is. After all, it was quite disconcerting to pair hot and sour soup (Chinese) with chicken biryani (Indian)... and we did just that because these items were on the menu.  

The servers also need a bit more practice during our visit. They seemed to not know how to handle situations in which the customers' food or drink orders were not available. And when it was time to serve the food, the servers also appeared to be at a loss. There was one authoritative-looking guy who took over serving the soup; while good, I just wished at that time that he and the servers had discussed who would be serving what away from the customers... and not in front of us.

In short, I would probably go back and try the food here again in a few months.