Saturday, June 14, 2014

The day I gave in to temptation

... also known as the Cara Mia gelato.

Whenever I have to speak in public (i.e., training courses, seminars, conferences, lab tours), I've developed the habit of not projecting my voice too much and I avoid ice-cold food and drink before the event . After the event (especially if I didn't use a microphone), I normally don't talk for an hour to help rest my throat.

However, there are times when I forget that I have to speak in a few days AND then get tempted by ice cream cravings. One example: when Anna and I passed by Cara Mia Gelateria in Alabang Town Center last Sunday. I've been wanting to eat ice cream for several days already but I was nursing a sore throat so I didn't really need to eat ice cream. The pull of chocolate ice cream was just too strong... and so I ordered two heaping scoops of ice cream.

Did I enjoy eating the ice cream? Absolutely. But now, I'm suffering the consequences. Sore throat worsened by the ice cream AND my first speaking assignment is in three days' time! 

What was I thinking?!?