Monday, July 7, 2014

flowers and sushi rolls on my birthday

And my birthday finally came! It proved to be an incredibly long day. After this, I could say that June 21 was definitely NOT my longest day for 2014. My birthday was, so far. The previous day ended at 2:30am the following day as I was juggling prepping a slide deck, talking with my brother and thanking friends who greeted me at the stroke of midnight online, and watching a replay of one of the football matches.

Just a look at my to-do list told me that this was going to be a tiring and stressful day for me. Could I crawl back into bed instead?

Four hours of driving, an hour-and-a-half of lecture, an hour of waiting, and another four hours of mental work later, it was time to drop what I was doing and to start celebrating my birthday! And I was not alone. Kor, Matty, Joann, and Maya went with me to Nuvali for dinner and coffee. They're the ones that gifted me with the flowers too. And no, wakeboarding wasn't in the plans this time.



Honestly, I enjoy looking at the colourful flowers, but I am still at a loss with what I'm supposed to do with them after I've received them... because I rarely receive flowers. 

Do I throw them out? 
Do I put them in a vase with water? 
Do I just keep them stuck together in the bouquet? 

Clueless, I've kept them in the car after I've taken photos of them and with them and my friends. I am not kidding. At least the car would smell of flowers...

At Nuvali, our first stop was Domo Tomo, a Japanese restaurant that served the biggest sushi rolls I have ever seen. The ones I've eaten in other restaurants were bite-sized pieces but the Domo Tomo rolls could further be divided into two or three rolls! Nevertheless, I enjoyed eating as much of the salmon sushi rolls as I could while the rest ate the other stuff that I was allergic to. 

Naturally, I remembered to have photos taken when we arrived but forgot to take photos when the food got served. So no pictures available of us with the giant food platters. And I didn't get a birthday cake on my birthday, as I had predicted previously, so there's no picture of that either. 

Just like my family's tradition, we ended the night by having dessert at Starbucks. I couldn't get myself to eat solids anymore (too full) so I just settled on my usual highly customised drink

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, for the nth time! Thank you for the dinner and the flowers! It was a really exhausting day but I enjoyed it a lot. :)