Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Mad for Pizza

Since I was in Loyola Heights on Saturday afternoon and Noan was not on hospital duty, she drove (yes she did!) us to Tomas Morato for some Mad for Pizza goodness. 

The restaurant does not have the metal, urban, grunge look that I have come to expect after eating in Yellow Cab and in Project Pie. It does not have the warm, woodsy, dinner feel of Shakey's or Pizza Hut, either. Instead, Mad for Pizza has a bright and kid-friendly vibe... a good place to eat with the family in tow. It also really helped that the waiters were friendly and helpful for the obvious first-timer in the restaurant (that's me). 

The food... well, it all depends on what people chose as toppings for their pizza, isn't it? Since Noan gave me free rein over the pizza (with the only request of adding feta cheese), I ended up concocting a healthy version with zucchini, artichoke, mushrooms, tomatoes, capers, green and black olives, mozzarella, cheddar, mini clams, and beef steak. Hehehe. It tastes good! But Noan was not so happy... who requests zucchini and artichoke on their pizza?!? Me. The spaghetti bolognese was good too; however, I found it to be on the sweeter side of the spectrum, while I tend to prefer the good old tangy combination of tomato, cheese, garlic, and basil.

And the price... It was budget-friendly! The food was cheaper than I had anticipated. I had thought that the food in Mad for Pizza is expensive because the restaurant is located in the country's closest equivalent to Hollywood. I mean, rich people should abound, right, with the proximity to the headquarters of two big television networks, and the gyms and the medical clinics of the celebrities, plus studios of famous hair and make-up artists? There still are pockets where good food comes at a friendly price.

Off to the next restaurant adventure!