Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saturday dinner with culinary classmates :)

It's been months since I've seen them last! I think our last dinner out was in September last year. Wow! Time has flown really fast... And in those months, we've gone on with our lives, touching base mostly through social media. I'm sure they've gone out a few more times without me but that's because I'm based in the province and they're all in the metro.

So on an evening that I was in Makati, I was able to have dinner with some of them! Gelo, Jen, Jella, and I went to Banana Leaf at Rockwell's Powerplant Mall for some Malaysian and Singaporean fare. Roti dipped in curry sauce and pomelo salad set our very Asian dinner mode, followed by beef rendang and other dishes that I couldn't pronounce. Dinner was filled with lots of laughter and catching up. I really missed my classmates... we had a good run in class!

After dinner, Jella helped me to pick out rosé wine, after she said she's connected with Sänti's Delicatessen (which, she said, has a selection of). I remembered that Matty had told me that he's been asking around about where to buy rosé wine and had been told that I was the person to ask. However, Jella and I didn't reach Sänti's because we passed by Bacchus Epicerie first. And that's where I bought for him a bottle each of the four rosés in stock.

And because we carpooled, it was relatively easy to move somewhere else for dessert... we ended up in Wildflour, a restaurant at the Bonifacio Global City. We had cheesecake flan and chocolate cake. Yum yum! The servings were big enough for sharing... good thing we didn't get one cake each!

What an evening! Sa uulitin, classmates!