Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is a month of celebrations: my mom and my sister are celebrating their birthdays this month... and a cousin is as well. The fiesta of Barrio San Miguel, Padre Garcia is celebrated in September (in fact, that's the only day I notice that there's a traffic jam on the barrio road.

September also happens to be the title of one of my favourite road trip songs. It's by Earth, Wind, and Fire. When I was learning how to drive, I used to play an EWF cassette tape over and over again. The songs, despite the upbeat disco beat, kept me relaxed (if relaxed can be used to describe my recitation of the litany of vehicles I drove passed when Daddy and I used to practice driving). Even now, 13 years on, September has a calming effect on me.

Not only has September become a mainstay of my road trip playlist, it has also firmly become embedded into my list of cool movie songs! It's part of the soundtrack of Intouchables and of Last Vegas, two movies that I had thoroughly enjoyed watching recently. 

🎶 Do you remember, the twenty-first night of September? Do you remember the love we shared? Remember, there never was a cloudy day! 🎶