Friday, August 8, 2014

What's the opposite of push notification?

Over lunch, one sunny weekday, I was seated with my friends by a koi pond eating risotto that I had prepare earlier that day...

One of my friends was complaining that his phone annoyed him a lot because it kept pinging when messages and news alerts came in. He's looking for a one-step solution to silence his phone... he has started putting his phone in airplane mode so it'd stop bugging him with pings. Done!

My other friends were suggesting that he should try turning off the software programs running in standby mode; he wouldn't have any of that because it's a multi-step process. Another friend mentioned that it's a user-problem. All he had to do was to turn off 'push notifications' in his phone.

While this conversation was on-going, I wasn't contributing anything useful because I think all he has to do is turn off the banner alerts during standby (and I had wanted to hear the whole story first). But, as always, in typical poker-faced joker Rochie fashion, I ended up saying:

"Yeah, turn off push notifications and have the phone on pull mode instead."

That made them laugh! Finally, a joke that flew!!