Sunday, October 12, 2014

the party continued after the wedding party

This must be how it felt like after The Avengers defeated the alien army led by Loki into Earth and they have proceeded to the shawarma restaurant in New York (post-credit scene).

Peace. Quiet. Good comfort food.

Well, in our case, my friends and I didn't come from a highly violent fight-for-our-lives episode. Instead, we came from Grace and TJ's wedding party and went over to Chili's for starters and for dessert! Party music was replaced with the ambient noise from the telly. The adrenaline rush (of 'competing' for prizes) had already worn off. It was time to simply catch up with friends I haven't seen for a long while and to get to know the significant others who were present (Prad, Christine's husband, and Benjo, Jyas' boyfriend).

Ahh... And yes, to be grilled about being the party's equivalent of the wedding bouquet catcher. Plus to hear a running commentary, from the boys, about their first impressions about the guy who won the garter. Hahaha!!

What a way to end the week!