Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bangkok food trip: Gelato Vintage

Fish. Otep and I were looking for live, swimming, colourful fish. 

When we disembarked the BTS SkyTrain at Udom Suk, we followed how we understood the instructions and ended up in a wet market that sold freshly caught (and ready-to-cook) fish. Not willing to give up, we ventured further into Udom Suk. During the hunt for the goldfish, we became very hungry and so every food item we saw looked delicious... but nothing tempted us to actually stop except these glorious brightly coloured gelato in tubs. We just had to take a break, reward ourselves for finding the fish, and try them out!

These mouth-watering treats were being sold in the aptly named Gelato Vintage. As usual, the first person I had in mind as Otep and I entered this shop was Man because he's always been the food trip buddy with a good eye for food photography. Knowing Man, however, I knew that he was somewhere else in Bangkok, taking his sweet time to take photos of his meals. 

As Otep and I were looking at the selection of gelato, we bumped into two Germans interning at the Mercedes Benz facility in Bangkok. We all faced the challenge of communicating which flavour we wanted to try and then which we've decided to buy because the ladies behind the counter had difficulty understanding us. But in the end, I got my stracciatella gelato and everyone else got their own ice cream. And the flavour I got, it's delicious! Although I was expecting the gelato be less creamy... but never having been to Italy, I don't really know what gelato should be like.

Aside from the gelato, I liked the vibe of the place. A lot of pastels, indoor plants, and bright lighting evoked a happy feel to the restaurant. It's almost has the same feel as Vanilla Cupcake: I was back at the Mad Hatter's tea party in Underland.

I can easily imagine little girls drag their dads to eat gelato here or drink tea here with dainty tea cups. In my case, I convinced Otep. Hahaha! Poor guy had to endure the girly theme (because we didn't find a more suitable place to rest) after enduring the hour-long walk in search for the fish.