Monday, December 8, 2014

Space, the next frontier

One, I still can't stop thinking about the awesome visuals and the genius juxtaposition of the musical score in Interstellar

Two, I believe that space exploration is ready to go into leaps and bounds again. After all, probes were shot and successfully landed on a comet... yes, ala Armageddon; but without the end-of-the-world premise. And NASA has launched the Orion spaceship a few days ago. It looks like someone's going to Mars!!

Three, astronauts and cosmonauts who currently fly on space missions have caught the attention (albeit maybe not as much as during the Apollo programs) of many people, particularly because of the stunning images of Earth they transmit back to us from miles up in the atmosphere.

Thus, when I stumbled upon two videos about space exploration, I thought it's a good idea to share them. The first video is about what astronauts captured while in the International Space Station. It shows stunning images of the clouds, lightning, city lights, and auroras as the ISS glided by. This is real life! The second video, on the other hand, is a mash-up of cinematic takes on what space exploration looks like. Yes, images may be fiction now, but these could be the reality in the future. For all we know, humans might start living in eternally spinning space stations someday, as tourists or as colonisers... just like in the story of the spaceship whose holes have been plugged with bubble gum

So, without further ado, here's All Alone in the Night (by David Peterson) and Cinema Space Tribute (by Max Shishkin)