Thursday, January 1, 2015


What better way to end a year than spending time with good food, good friends, and a good show, right?

In mid- December, I watched Chicago: The Musical with Claire, Trina, Renee, and Sara at the Solaire Theatre. The trip started off with some creative thinking. See, I totally forgot the my car wasn't allowed to traverse the city that day (due to a traffic reduction scheme). I, luckily, chose a city route that was exempted from the traffic scheme purely because I had wanted to avoid the traffic jams on the main route. The pitstop was the hotel where the three girls were sleeping over so I parked my car there. I didn't press my luck anymore by driving to Solaire because I might get flagged down on the road sections where the traffic scheme was enforced. 

At Solaire, we were met by posters about Chicago, such as this one:

It appeared that we were all dressed for the show's color motif, black and white! Unfortunately, Sara wasn't seated near us and wasn't in the picture.

We were seated so high up the theatre that I felt I could touch the ceiling! It was a good spot to be in to see the whole scene but wasn't ideal if one wanted to be at eye level with the stage.

Chicago was a great musical. I particularly liked the variety in the musical repertoire. There's tango and all. that. jaaaaaaaaaazzzzzz! But best of all, I enjoyed the interactions between the musicians and the cast... I've never seen that in the musicals I've seen previously. It made the musicians feel like an integral part of the show, not just a means to get the story along.

As we walked out of the theatre and into the lobby, I couldn't help but imitate how the performers walked... especially since I was wearing these black pumps. And I can honestly say that these performers made the walk easy and fluid. I almost fell over twisted feet just trying to do it over an extended time!