Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello, snow!!

I have a short to-do list when I go on vacation so that I'm sure that I complete everything in the list. In 2014, I was determined to see snow for the first time ever. My (Christmas) wish was granted when Biboy and Barbara brought me to the mountains of Sierra Nevada for some snowboarding. 

Hello, Sierra Nevada!! Hello, snow!!

Here's the thing though: I didn't know what I was expecting so I was dressed rather inappropriately. No, I wasn't wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes. I had four layers of t-shirts under my jacket; however, I was wearing denim pants. It wasn't waterproof. I didn't think that snow melts into water and could be very cold. I knew, in the back of my head, that I was supposed to wear waterproof pants but I still didn't... Oh well... Blooper #1 right there!

Me and my snowboard for the day

One more thing I didn't think about immediately: the grade of the slope! This was my first time to snowboard and I didn't know how steep the surface was... AND I didn't know how to maneuver the board! Talk about being prepared, right? And yes, I'm quite intimidated by heights (who knew?!?). But it's too late to back out as we were facing the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

In wakeboarding, the fastest way to stop is to let go of the rope (this idea only got absorbed after I "bodysurfed" my way from Point A to Point B in Nuvali). In snowboarding, I learned rather quickly, that I could easily stop by putting weight on my heels and landing on my butt. A very useful tool indeed since there were many people on the bunny slopes. It goes without saying that I've landed quite painfully a few times to avoid hitting people and trees. At one point, I even tumbled down the hill; thanks to my helmet, I didn't even feel the impact. I just realised what was happening when I saw the snowboard and my legs flying above my head and snow spraying onto my face.

Yes, I got a taste of snow. Just like in wakeboarding, in which I've gulped my good share of seawater and lake water.


                                  The bunny slopes at the Boreal Mountain ski resort

But despite the falls, the painful bums, and the potential embarrassment of being Jill rolling down the hill, I had fun!! Biboy and Barbara did too. Next time, I'll try more carving and moving from side to side using heels and toes.

All smiles after our tumble down the hill
Snowboarding day was a great day. Certainly one for the books. Looks like I'm looking forward to my next snow adventure!

Thanks again, Biboy and Barbara! I enjoyed my first encounter with snow immensely. :)