Thursday, January 15, 2015

I flew all the way to China to eat Korean food

I've had layovers at a total of three Chinese airports, the latest one being Shanghai's Pu Dong Airport (over the holidays). Unlike Hong Kong's airport, where there's a wide selection of food choices, the Shanghai airport's restaurant options (at least where I was in between flights) were few. I opted to eat Korean food because the restaurant had the nicest presentation among the restos I passed by.

The chili tofu soup had enough kick in it to keep me warm in the wintry conditions of Shanghai. It was delicious! However, since I'm used to having a lot of kimchi, maize, yellow sweet potato, and other side dishes in Korean restos in the Philippines, I got a bit surprised that there's none of those here... Maybe, the side dishes are just a Filipino adaptation. Or is something I'd typically see in Korea. 

I enjoyed eating here a lot that I decided I'd go back on my return trip... after the New Year.