Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The tallest things I've ever seen

Ate Maddie brought me to Muir Woods, home of some of the oldest and tallest organisms I've ever seen. Trees, of course! California redwoods, to be specific. I was expecting to see bears, deer, squirrels, and other wild animals, but I guess these were not around due to the number of people milling about.

No worries... the trees were so fascinating that soon enough, I forgot all about the animals! Imagine being in the presence of a tree that must have been living there since Biblical times. I couldn't get my head around that concept yet. Also, the foliage was so thick that the temperature inside the park was actually lower than outside. And it was darker inside too.

It was quite a challenge to take pictures during our trip. I totally gave up on using my SLR because I was using the kit lens but what was needed inside was either a wide-angle or a fish-eye lens. Since I didn't have any of these lenses on me, I contented myself with taking pictures of the foliage from below. Many of my pictures, therefore, reminded me of Twilight and of The Blair Witch Project. The forest, after all, really was quite dark.

Good thing my phone has the panorama setting for picture-taking. I've never tried taking a vertical panorama (yes, weird, I know) picture before. This was the perfect opportunity to try it. Actually, the resulting picture wasn't so bad! It's able to show how tall those trees really were, relative to the people walking under the canopy.

Thank you, Ate Maddie, for showing me around Muir Woods! It's so much fun walking under trees again. It's been a while since I've been in a forest. :)