Monday, January 5, 2015

Which fish do I eat then?

Biboy, Joycelyn, Tita Babie, and I were walking along the Martinez marina when we came across this health bulletin about fish consumption for women and children. It's well-intentioned; it is! But reading it from a different perspective could strike a chord for men most likely at the peak of their health (their 20s to 40s) and for women who are approaching their late 40s.

Or maybe it's just because English is a second language for me... But this bulletin board appeared to be saying that kids and women aged 18—45 have to be extra careful with the fish that they eat; older women, and men 18 years and older, can eat whatever fish they like.

As for me, my seafood allergies limit my fish choices. The fish included in the bulletin might induce allergic reactions in me so I avoid them anyway. No biggie.