Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hot-air balloon festival 2015

My first drive to Pampanga alone. I did say that I'd go to the hot-air balloon festival whether someone's going with me or not because I really would love to see the balloons. This year, my annual pilgrimage to  where everything flew landed on Valentine's Day. Naturally, nobody was interested to join.

My life is not about to be put on hold because nobody wants to join the adventure. Ahh... So this must be what one friend of mine meant when he said I march to the beat of a different drummer. 

Anyway, I opted to leave for Pampanga around 12nn to arrive in plenty of time for the sunset event. As I looked for parking space, I groaned when I realised (and I really should have been expecting this) that I'd park in the dust. Hello, espasol-looking cars! But that's okay because once I was in the venue, I forgot all about the dust and enjoyed watching the balloons light up the night sky!

The bonus? There was a free concert right after the night glow. There were a few actors who sang okay but Aiza Seguerra, who's the real singer, made the concert great. She and the band got the people partying!

I have to say though that this year's Valentine's Day didn't beat last year's. 2014's was just awesome. ;)

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