Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Medical tourism.

Well, as Matty walked me over to the medics' office, he told me to keep him posted and that I should get my hand x-rayed as soon as possible. He certainly wasn't happy when he learned that the soonest that this could be done was Monday, the next day.

What could I do, right? I wasn't about to wallow in self-pity or ruin the rest of our week by being a pain. I saw this, instead, as an opportunity to see the rest of Pyeongchang-gun, and perhaps even another part of Gangwon province because I was going to a hospital (Jay kindly offered to drive me to one). Medical tourism it is. 

Jay brought me to the Dong-in Medical Center in Gangneung. It was a unique experience, being a patient in a hospital where doctors and medical staff didn't speak in English so much.

The orthopaedic doctor got my arm x-rayed four times and saved the images in a CD for me to present to a doctor in the Philippines as soon as I got home. He prescribed medicine but didn't give me the medicine list. Instead, the documents were claimed at the front desk. The pharmacist down the road filled in my prescription and prepared packets for each dose of the pills (yes, I had to drink three different pills each time). Pretty organised. The doctor and the pharmacist were giving me instructions on how to drink the meds and how to deal with my arm (the doctor put it in a short-arm splint) but because I couldn't understand them, Jay did all the translations.

This must be how beauty pageant contestants feel like when they get someone to interpret their questions for them. Hehehehehe.