Saturday, April 4, 2015

Epic trip from Lobo, Batangas

Marco said that this was "the best road trip... ever!". Who's the cool Tita again? Me!!!! 

Alas, all good road trips, even this one to Lobo, had to come to an end. Soon we were packing our stuff back in the car for the long drive back. However, I didn't want to go via Taysan again because there were no lights along the road. And have I said that the road was long, winding, and narrow? With lots of hairpin turns? I was just, straight up, intimidated with the drive back via this route. There's an alternative though (thank goodness!), according to Waze and Google Maps. This new route would have been a scenic coastal route if it were before sunset but it was just dark at night.

I thought it was an easier route. No! This route had steep grades and narrow roads. If the hairpin turns in Taysan were devices to help ease vehicles with the steep slope, I had almost none of that in the Batangas-Lobo road. It was just steep up, steep down in succession on the road... again with the ever present cliff on the side. If those didn't make for challenging driving, the road added more obstacles: cars parked on the side of the road, high speed bumps, people walking on the roads... 

And then there's a boulder the size of a house in the middle of the narrow road! What did I get myself into again?

A long drive later, we passed by several oil refineries and the road finally merged onto the highway leading to STAR Tollway. Finally! That was a 40-km challenging drive and I was just exhausted!

Do I want to go back? Definitely! Lobo has a lot more things to offer and I will be back next time. :)