Sunday, April 5, 2015

Winter poem

I was editing a photo from the Korea winter vacation. And then, like an earworm, Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening began playing in my head. Thank you, Prof Connie Apalin-Gaffud for forcing me to memorise a handful of the classics in my third year in high school. :)

I like that poem because the imagery is so vivid. I could just picture it in my head: It's dark outside, the roads full of snow. The horse's bell is tinkling, breaking the silence in the forest. Time appeared to be standing still as the narrator paused to take in the scene surrounding him and the horse.

Somehow, the image of the sun and the silhouette of the branches underneath (with snow... not in the frame) got me to think about this poem. Only that I was outside in the early afternoon, hiking up Yongpyong's Dragon Peak... far from alone because I was with a big group of people of different nationalities. Of course, there were no horses in sight. In their stead were crows.