Friday, May 1, 2015

Kris TV went to IRRI!

On a fine Friday morning, IRRI was transformed into a tv show set. Kris Aquino went to the Institute to shoot two episodes of her show "Kris TV" at IRRI. I was asked to come, despite the holiday, to cook heirloom rice for the shoot. There were four varieties for me to prepare: Ominio, Ingudpul, Kotinaw, and Minaangan. All of them were of different colours and were known to have different nutritive properties from white rice.

I worked mostly in the background, which is why I am not in any of the footages. I did, however, had the privilege to do some mise-en-place work for Amy Besa and her team of chefs soon after Madrid Fusion Manila. She prepared bibingka and the Ominio fried rice (so yummy!). I also met Chef JP Anglo (Liberation Shawarma) as he was the featured chef in one of the episodes... his delicious liempo barbecue was the dish he prepared on-cam.

The shoot was an exciting and surprising change in routine because instead of cooking where I normally cooked, I was in a real functioning kitchen. And it's been quite a while since I've been cooking in an industrial kitchen

The highlight of the day for me was eating the dishes prepared by these chefs for lunch outside the FF Hill Building with Tony, Liz, Leah, Lem, and Bob (yes, DG Bob Zeigler!). Good food and good company, definitely.