Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bois de Sauvabelin

I like to explore places, specially since it only happens once in one's lifetime to be in a place for the first time. So for my first ever stay on the European mainland, I thought I ought to do a bit of exploring. After visiting the lakeside Château de Chillon, I decided to veer away from water for a while and go somewhere more inland... so I caught a bus, went down at some bus stop, and hiked (well, huffed and puffed, more like it!) without any preparation... and ended up facing a lake AGAIN. Yes, I walked my way towards Lac de Sauvabelin. 

The lake was an interesting place to be despite the lack of sporty activities aside from walking. As I sat down to rest after my hike, I noticed that there were lots of waterfowl calling the lake home... I had wanted to see a black swan but I didn't see one on this trip. Then there were the endangered animals that call the park by the lake home. I didn't know that there were breeds of cows, pigs, chicken, and rabbits whose populations are in need of conservation. 

And then there was the Tower. The Tour de Sauvabelin is a wooden tower with a dizzying spiral staircase. At the top, there was a panoramic map of the Swiss mountains laid out so that I can look at the mountains and then refer to the map to know which one is which. I didn't see Mont Blanc in the skyline from the tower, by the way. Nor the Matterhorn. *sigh* Oh well, there'll always be a next time, right. We never know, I might be snowboarding in the Swiss Alps someday (yes, Rochie, dream on!)

After taking in what Bois de Sauvabelin was all about, it was time to start going down. I wanted to be back in the city before dusk because while I am into exploring new cities, I don't want to get lost in the dark in an unfamiliar city where I can hardly communicate (thanks to my current inability to understand and speak French).

A well-placed bench for tired tourists like me.

Pathway towards the endangered animals being cared for at the park near the lake.

Lac de Sauvabelin

Stopping to take a photo of myself as an excuse to rest, while climbing
the spiral staircase of the Sauvabelin Tower.