Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In macaron heaven

One of the most colourful confectionery I've ever seen. And they're pretty memorable for me too because I've been snacking on them whenever I encounter them when I travel.

As the Nestle Conference was drawing to a close, one of the other fellows mentioned that a must-try in Lausanne is the macaron. Okay, I just had to taste this... Particularly since this is Laduree, touted to be just the best macaron in the world.

It was really good! I thought that this was the perfect pasalubong for family and friends. And so I hoarded macarons... I bought 48 pieces of these wonderful sweets and packed them the best I could in my luggage, with the wish that they'd survive the journey home.

Well, they did survive. Just barely. The macarons were all fractured when I opened the box that ended up with my family. Oh well, it's the thought and the effort that counted.