Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside Out (2015)


I've always wanted to see Disney Pixar's Inside Out since I saw the first teaser trailer a few months ago... and it's finally showing here!!!

It's basically a story about going inside one's head and figuring out how one's emotions play a role in determining his/her behaviour. There are five main characters inside Riley's head (she's the girl protagonist in this story): Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger. I found it interesting that Joy leads the pack in Riley's head but it's Sadness in her mom's and Anger in her dad's... Is it because her mom nurtures and comforts Riley when she's down and Sadness allows her to be sensitive to Riley? Is it because her dad is quite a risk-taker and Anger is a manifestation of his aggressiveness? Is it because Riley's had a generally happy eleven years of existence and Joy is the overarching emotion during those years?

The emotional rollercoaster was unleashed when the family moved cities because of Riley's dad's career. The adjustment was visibly hard for Riley since each happy memory that she had was turning into a sad memory, each time Sadness got a hold of them. Maybe she was feeling a sense of loss. Or maybe, we were seeing the beginnings of puberty... I'm not sure. But whatever it was, she was surely moving away from childhood and into the next stage of her life. Her imaginary friend found itself vanishing gradually, to prove a point.

As I watched the movie, I saw myself in Joy; not because I'm such a two-dimensional character, but because she mostly had endless positive vibes to share even at the worst moments. Many of my friends often ask me where I get all my energy from: they're already dragging their feet (like Sadness) but I'm still up for another adventure (like Joy). Don't get me wrong. I have my quiet moments too... but very rarely in front of my friends.

A friend who understands what mental illness is all about also saw the movie and remarked that Inside Out was just like Psych 101 for a young audience. However, I think that this movie can also cater to people who don't know so much about the inner workings of our mind. In other words, we who aren't psychologists.  

So far, Inside Out has been the most emotional movie I've seen in 2015. :) Get it? :D