Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mission Impossible (2015)

One afternoon, my sister asked over instant messaging, "What are you doing?". I replied, "I'm going to watch Mission Impossible." She, incredulous, asked, "There's another one?!?"

Yep, there is. And it did not go too exotic this time (because Ghost Protocol had the audiences watch Tom Cruise cross glass windows in Dubai and drive that fancy BMW i8 hybrid-electric car on the streets of Mumbai) as the plot mostly kept the action in Europe. The story did venture into Morocco as well... 

Anyway, I had thought previously that Ghost Protocol might be the last of the series because how could that movie be topped, right? But no. Rogue Nation upped the ante even more. Ethan Hunt was no longer just suspended by rope to gain access to some impossible location. This time, he actually dove underwater without a breathing apparatus! He also flew outside an airplane, hanging on to dear life, mind. 

And then there's William Brandt (who wasn't just an analyst anymore). Between the two movies, he moved up in rank and was directing field operations during Rogue Nation. He had some humorous scenes with Alan Hunley (who eventually led the whole IMF organisation)... those scenes actually reminded me of the last James bond movie I saw... it's the one where M was questioned by some committee and was later driven to James Bond's remote hideaway after some people tried to kill her. 

But of all the characters, I think Benji was the one who changed the most. He went to Austria to watch an opera ALONE! And he went there covertly too.

I enjoyed watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Will there be a next one? That is always possible.