Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Contributing to SansRival

Back when I didn't know how to handle a chef's knife and I was deathly afraid of cooking oil, I thought to myself: what did I get myself into? when I attended my first cooking class. Little did I know that I'd continue keeping in touch with classmates (and now friends) after graduating from the culinary arts courses I took. 

One such example is my continued association with Ige Ramos, who happens to be the editor-in-chief of SansRival. This is Rustan's Supermarket's magazine/product catalogue that comes out every quarter (I think). I've collaborated with him two years ago, when he featured rice in his column, Bandehado, in Philippine Daily Inquirer's Bandera. This year, we've worked together again but for SansRival this time. Again, it's on rice. But this time, Matty got involved in writing the article, providing a more international flavour to the nature of rice as a staple.

It was a fun article to write. And I do hope that non-scientists will find it easy to read. Here, have a closer look: