Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sighted two "new" islands

Here we go again with my habit of pointing at things. My mom keeps saying it invites bad fortune but I keep doing it anyway, asking what this and that are...

And so, while boating on Saturday, I kept pointing to two islands we have never seen before. These are Balahibongmanoc Island and Bonito Island off the eastern coast of Maricaban Island. Unfortunately, the waves were too high to go any closer to any of these islands.

At some point, I thought while we were attempting to reach it, I'd like to visit Balahibongmanoc Island because there are hot springs under the water out there! But I guess I need to get a diver's license first to do that. And then there's Bonito Island, which I wanted to see as well... But after I learned that sharks actually lay eggs around that area, I lost interest in visiting the island. Maybe someday, I'll revisit the idea of diving and getting close to sharks. Note: SOMEDAY!!

As we were being swished back and forth on the jet-boat by the strong currents, with Puerto Galera right in front of us, we opted to turn back, back to the safety of Maricaban Island's supposedly gentler currents. Unfortunately, the sea was still too rough for boating and so we retreated to the lee side of the island, boating the whole length of it and then back across the sea towards the Mabini coastline.

Sea-1; Matty and Rochie-0. We just had to go back some other day.