Friday, December 4, 2015

Popoy and Basha... Again?!

Yes, they just had to not let my two least favourite characters rest. But who can blame them? People were lapping up anything Popoy and Basha... all they had to do was milk this unhappy love story for all its got and make a second movie out of it.

Popoy and Basha's story, the first one, was supposedly about how a long-term relationship ends. And it ended all right, complete with all the crying, the screaming, and the well-meaning friends supporting the two. Frankly, at this point, I felt bad for the two because they've been airing their dirty laundry to their public (and to the audience!). I was happy to see it end with the two protagonists moving on with their lives without resentment about the other. But wait... There's more! The movie just had to have a postscript suggesting that they're willing to give each other one more chance.



And since Krishna and Jojie had it next on our movie list, we trooped to the cinema to watch what happened after their happily-ever-after bubble popped. 

The second movie began well enough. Popoy and Basha got married and had big dreams about their future family and their careers. However, real life caught up with them on both fronts. And at the root of the issue (I think) was their wishful thinking that they could have it all quickly. So fast that they'd driven themselves ragged at the cost of what would have been their firstborn. Things went downhill from there... even their reputations were damaged. Popoy did this almost single-handedly by taking a bite bigger than he could chew at work. Basha was also partly to blame because she didn't keep track of their company (even if it had her name on it) as she played housewife. Nothing wrong with being a housewife, mind; but since she had a stake in their business venture, she should have been visiting the office once in a while to be updated. Basically, they didn't work as a team, which was how they succeeded before. But after (once again) publicly dealing with their relationship issues, they worked together to solve their career issues (with Basha at the lead this time). The movie ended with them still together but no longer unscathed. Did they stay together because they're married (albeit unhappily) or did they stay together because the storm they passed through strengthened their bond? Frankly, I'm not sure... 

I was too stressed out with all the drama that how the movie ended wasn't remarkable to me anymore.
Krishna and Jojie were also stressed out. I don't think I'd like to see this movie again... even on cable.