Thursday, December 24, 2015

Back to the future (or is it the past?) twice!

One of the most fascinating things (for me) about flying to different countries is the time difference... and the real possibility of time travel. On several occasions, for instance, I found myself leaving the Philippines, flying for hours on end, and then landing at the destination as if I've only been in the plane for a short time. On my recent trip to visit my family in the USA, however, "time traveling" took on an extreme turn... Yes, it was made possible because of the timings of the United Airlines flights I took.

I left Manila at 11:59pm on December 22nd. Before flying, I already had dinner in Los Baños. Then, I arrived in Guam early on December 23rd. A few hours later, I was again in the plane, going to Honolulu this time... still December 23rd. But because I crossed the International Date Line while flying, I actually moved a day backwards! Hence, I found myself eating my second December 22nd dinner at a bench in the Honolulu International Airport at roughly the same time as I had my first December 22nd dinner. The funny thing about this is that since I didn't finish my first December 22nd dinner, I had it packed and continued eating it a second time in Honolulu! Then, I continued on my trip, flying towards San Francisco. I arrived there on my second 5:00am December 23rd... about the same time I was queued at the immigrations area of Guam's airport during my first December 23rd. Confusing, right?

Naturally, I was positively flummoxed at this point. For the first time in my traveling history, I lived two days twice! I can't begin putting my head around having the same dinner at the same time twice but in different places, and being in line at immigrations twice on the same day at roughly the same time but at different airports... Amazing! It's definitely not deja vu but it's more like time travel. Not sure if I traveled to the past or to the future though.

Promise, Professor McGonagall has never passed on Hermione's Time-Turner to me.