Monday, December 21, 2015

Steak can be reasonably priced?!

Man showed me around UP Town Centre one evening. It's ironic because I've passed this mall so many times when I still teaching at the Ateneo but I never stopped over for lunch there (I was always had to drive straight to Laguna after class).

There were a lot of options for dinner. But we ended up where we had to wait to be seated: Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats. For me, the major attraction was the long queue. A long line of people willing to wait for atable is ALWAYS a good sign that the resto is a good one. And as we waited outside, out popped two of my college classmates: Manuel Delfin, Jr and Sharon Madriñan (she's married now but I don't know her married surname)! It was such a random thing, to see my friends from back in the day there! They highly recommended the ice cream. I was sold.

Then, there's the steak. Mad Mark's cooks it's Signature Steak the way I like it: medium well USDA steak and with a generouse helping of vegetables on the side. The meat was so tender and was so tasty. Whatever secret recipe Mad Mark's has for its steaks... it's a winner. The veggies were prepared to perfection. I felt like I was eating hotel-resto-level food! But sans the hotel-resto atmosphere. Normally, I'd expect my wallet to be wiped out by the cost of the steak. But at Mad Mark's, it was quite affordable. Still too expensive for everyday consumption but it didn't break the bank. The atmosphere at Mad Mark's felt like a regular family diner, where kids were talking animatedly with their parents and friends were having a good time eating either a main meal or their ice creams. None of the high class formal feel in places serving food at the same quality calibre.

Now, if Mad Mark's has a branch closer to home, I just might be able to eat there more often to tryits other offerings. Thanks, Man, for showing me around UPTC and discovering Mad Mark's with me. See you again soon, Shawie and Manny.