Thursday, February 25, 2016

Car window-shopping

Cars. These are some of the most expensive things a yuppie will aspire for. These normally competes with real estate properties in a yuppie's prioritised to-buy list. For the longest time, I've been one of a few people in my groups of friends who are already driving (yeah, I belong to a certain social class... in the upper ones, people tend to drive their own cars at a younger age and all their friends do that as well). I am always happy to see my friends start getting their own cars, getting their drivers' licenses, and finally understanding the freedom and the difficulties of managing their own cars... because nobody understood me before. I'm doubly happy because I won't automatically be the driver during barkada road trips anymore.

Anyway, 2016 looks like it's Mafel's year to enter the world of the driving public. Jean and I have been helping her go through the prerequisites of becoming a car owner: what to do in the dealer's office; what features to check out in cars; and what to look for in the fine print when she finally selects the bank for her car loan and the dealer for her car.

Today being a holiday, we went to visit two dealers to check out the cars and to compare discount packages. As a true friend, it was my duty to sit on the backseat and assess the legroom... because I'm almost sure that I'd be assigned to the backseat in barkada outings and I need to know if I won't feel claustrophobic out back. (Actually, it's more of a vested interest of mine and anyone else in our barkada who will be assigned to sit out back)

In the end, Mafel has to mull over her options and weigh the pros and the cons of the different offers laid out to her. I guess we'll just find out what she's getting when she tells us.