Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Flying" Honda Civic

This is how Shiela, an officemate of mine, describes my car. On Valentine's Day, I went on my annual pilgrimage to Clark Airbase, where the Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival took place this year. Since Shiela was coming from her hometown (somewhere north of Manila), she opted to meet up with us somewhere along the NLEX before sunrise. We did meet up at a gas station along the way. But because my car had more passengers who needed to go to the loo before the next segment of the trip, we stayed longer in the gas station than Shiela did (who drove up with Josh, her son, in tow). And so Shiela had about 15 minutes of lead time.

We called her up just to check on how far she was from us. Apparently, she was 12 km ahead; with the slower drive (due to the many vehicles on the two-lane stretch of highway), she was easily 30 mins ahead of us. I suggested that after she's paid the toll fee, to stop on the shoulder of the road so that we could easily see her and we could drive in convoy to Clark.

So I zipped through the toll plaza in Dau, thinking that Shiela was already waiting for us. When we didn't see her car, we thought that she had taken off... and so we drove on. When we called her up again, she said that she was still queued for paying the toll fee. I told her that we just passed through the toll plaza and already approaching the SCTEx. She was so surprised that my car got passed hers without her noticing. Since then, she's labeled my car as a flying car.

No. Only Mr Weasley owns a magical Ford Anglia.

But in truth, my car doesn't fly. I just had a EC Tag for electronic toll payment... which made the queue to the toll gate a breeze.