Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zootopia (2016)

What do you call a situation in which a sweet bunny outwits a sly fox?
"It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

And that's basically how the working relationship between con-artist Nick Wilde (the fox) and new police officer/metre maid Judy Hopps (the rabbit) in Zootopia started. Zootopia is a place where prey and predator could live together in harmony. Because Judy's path crossed with that of Nick's, he couldn't do anything but help her... Otherwise, Judy would have him arrested. 

The mysterious disappearances of other mammals from  Zootopia was a big case for the police force. Judy got hereelf interested in the investigation because an otter's husband came to the police, pleading about her missing husband. Nick and Judy then went to different suburbs of Zootopia. And as the saying goes, the plot thickens...

The disappearances, apparently, were associated with the animals becoming aggressive due to mysterious reasons. They have been kept in the most remote of locations. And the mayor of Zootopia knew about it. Of course, he was removed from his post. He was replaced by his assistant, an ewe. Judy, having closed the case with Nick, was made the face of the police department. Her rather simple-minded opinion about predators put a dent in the peaceful atmosphere of Zootopia and in her friendship with Nick. Back at home to lick her wounds, Judy was able to piece together the mystery of the aggressive predators. Getting Nick to help her again, Judy was able to catch the real perpetrators. Zootopia reverted to its peaceful set-up and Nick finally got an honest job, putting his hustling skills to good use.

Just like Inside Out, Zootopia is a cartoon with depth. Zootopia dealt with the issues of prejudice, racism, and corruption in a form that kids can enjoy and understand and in a manner by which adults can be surprised and taught as well.  This was why I thought, after watching the film, that I got hustled... in a good way.