Sunday, May 1, 2016

Under the sea...

"Down here all the fish is happy
As off through the waves they roll
The fish on the land ain't happy
They sad 'cause they in their bowl
But fish in the bowl is lucky
They in for a worser fate
One day when the boss get hungry
Guess who's gon' be on the plate."

I can't help but think of Sebastian the Lobster from The Little Mermaid when I went into the water at Dive and Trek, a marine sanctuary in Bauan, Batangas. I mean, there were a lot of fish! It's the first time I've snorkeled and seen the diversity of fish in the area! It's also a popular snorkeling spot so my family and I were not exactly alone in the area. The previous times I was there, I was wakeboarding... complete with flying into the air, thanks to a rock I wasn't able to avoid (one time).

Anyway, here's a video of our snorkeling trip. It's Daddy's first time to snorkel; Mommy's first time to be in saltwater with us; Marco's first time to swim among the fish; and Anna's first time to use her GoPro's multitude of accessories for underwater filming. Except for Mommy, I think we were all pretty much at home in the water. I just wish that Biboy and Barbara were there with us to enjoy the trip.

Which is why this video is dedicated to Biboy and to Barbara. When you pop in for a visit, bring snorkel sets and dive shoes. We are visiting this spot, definitely.