Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blue Man Group, Live in Manila!! (2016)

I drove up to the Solaire Theatre to watch the Blue Man Group's performance. I was excited to see the group perform because people kept saying that they're a really fun group to watch. The advertisements promised a combination of rock concert, theatre performance, comedy, and dance party in one night. Too bad everyone else I know wasn't available to go with me to watch this... It was going to be a great night, I knew it! Would have been even better if I weren't alone though.

As the house lights dimmed, instructions flashed above the stage. I thought that they were just regular courtesy reminders because they initially went along like this: 

Don't take photos and videos. 
This show has no intervals; it is not advisable to go out of the theatre once the show has started.
This performance uses strobe lights.
This performance uses recycled paper.

But then the messages became downright funny:

Don't take selfies.
Don't take a photo of the dinner you just ate. 
No downloading of apps, net-caching, plerking, flashpuddling, farbing...
Drone-piloting is right out.
Please don't be electronically annoying during the show.

These set the tone of the night's performance. They also reminded me of the funny pre-show reminders of Rak of Aegis. After the crowd was warmed up a bit, the scrolling screen continued to spew out instructions directed to the audience. This time the screen prompted the audiences to say their congratulations and their "happy birthday" greetings to various members of the audience.

And then, the lights dimmed and the show began...

I was amazed at how good the performers were! They were not talking at all. Instead, they were relying on music, on their facial expressions, and on their body language to get their message across. Of course, there were voice-overs, some of which I thought were biology lessons. I honestly got lost in some of the parts because I was expecting an overarching story but they performers were acting like they were in a variety show.

The most amazing part was when the lights grew dim and giant bouncy balls fell from the roof onto the audience. The concert had morphed into a party!! Confetti flew everywhere. There was a dancing giant robot balloon smack in the middle of the stage. Audience members were on their feet, dancing to the music. That was so cool!

The show finally drew to a close and everyone was asked to move outside the theatre. If we chose to stay, we could stop and have our photos taken with the cast. But as I was standing on the ascending escalator, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I was totally surprised that it was a Blue Man right behind me, trying to go forward through the crowd going up.

And then the same Blue Man stood amid the crowd as the band was having its photo opportunity with the audience. It took a few minutes before those bent on having their photos taken with the band even noticed the friendly but tight-lipped Blue Man.

And as I was leaving the theatre lobby to buy some decent food, I bumped into the same Blue Man... AGAIN!

I mean, what do you do and how do you react when you bump into a Blue Man, right?