Sunday, September 4, 2016

Happy birthday, Mommy!

Photo taken by Anna.

This year, Mommy's birthday coincides with the canonisation of Mother Teresa, known for her works of charity for the poor and the suffering in Calcutta. My mom is not a saint, unlike Mother Teresa, and is not a miracle-worker either but she makes sure that we are all taken care of when we're sick. She has a lot of "lifehacks" for solving minor discomforts: use a ladle as a massager for indigestion or when the stomach feels too full; castor oil for various joint aches and pains; avocado leaf infusion for shortness of breath; sinuam for hyperacidity... and who can forget Katinko? I carry a small tub of it with me all the time! She taught me that it's helpful for a variety of painful situations; from headaches to insect bites to sprained ankles to fractured wrists (I am not kidding).

To my family's source of uncanny solutions for minor aches and pains: Happy birthday, Mommy! :)