Monday, October 24, 2016


I attended two weddings in October. The first one was of my bestfriend since grade school, Noan Nepumoceno (née Pagdanganan). The second one was of one of my friends from high school, Ross Cleofe. Noan is a medical doctor by profession. Ross is a registered nurse. While Noan is based in the Philippines, Ross is working in the UK. 

Anyway, while Noan and the entourage were still at the hotel (the groomsmen finished their photo opp and the bridesmaids were just waiting for instructions), my three friends from grade school, Heiko, Brian, and Dai Rong, guests to Noan's wedding, were in a parking lot across the church, taking this photo. I was in the entourage so I wasn't anywhere near the church when this photo happened.

In Ross' wedding, I wasn't in the entourage. I was a guest. So while the bride, the groom, and the entourage were taking group shots post-wedding, I went to the church parking lot with two friends from high school, Hanna and Gladys. While waiting for the rest of the guests' cars to pull out, we ended up taking this photo.