Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ross and Roan get married!

Ross Anthony Cleofe is a friend of mine since high school. Since we (including Mafel) usually took the same jeep up til Calamba on our way to our respective homes, we used to walk together from UP Rural High to Los BaƱos Crossing, where we'd catch a jeep or a bus to Calamba. On particularly bad-traffic evenings, we ended up walking from Monte Vista to Calamba Crossing. Very long walks made easier by Ross' comedic stories.

Many years and a few career shifts later, we meet again on his wedding day! He's already based in the UK and works as a nurse. I was honoured to be invited to his wedding... he was marrying fellow nurse Roan, who he met in the UK. 

At the church, I was very happy to see batchmates from UP Rural High... Most of them are either married and with kids already or are engaged. Looks like they all are doing well in their careers and/or vocations. We all turned out well, I think. It's so nice to find the time to catch up with them.

To Ross and to Roan, congratulations and wishing you continued happy adventures around the world!