Friday, October 14, 2016

something like this should happen more often: grade school reunion!!

There's an oft-quoted statement saying that if a friendship lasts more than seven years, it will last a lifetime. I don't know who originally said that, hence I cannot quote him or her. However, what I feel blessed about is that I have many life-long friends; and the first half of October 2016 is proof.

I studied Christian School International in Los Baños, Laguna from nursery to grade school. Back then, I had the opportunity to befriend students of different nationalities. Thanks to social media, we were able to keep in touch... and so when three friends based overseas (by some sort of coincidence) decided to fly in to Manila on the same weekend, we just had to meet them. Brian flew in from Malaysia; Heiko, from Germany; and Dai Rong, from the USA. Yes, all around the first weekend of October. Well, Heiko and Dai Rong planned to visit together. Brian's homecoming trip came as a surprise to me. Admittedly, we who are based in the Philippines don't meet up often because other things get in the way. But when things like this happen, we are only too happy to meet up. 

Here's another thing about life-long friends: We may not see each other every single day but when we do meet up (such as when we had dinner in Los Baños), it's as if we just picked up from where we left off! 

I liked the way Pretzel captioned her photo of our dinner on Instagram. She said: "I hope my son will have the same experience when he reaches our age." Yeah, I agree. For my future kids, I wish that they find a similar group of people that they can call their friends for life.