Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Attending a children's birthday party...

... with no kid in tow.

Dial's daughter, Marquie, celebrated her seventh birthday party at Anest Tower in Los Baños. It's a children's party so Dial invited us, her high school friends, and suggested that we could bring kids along. Jyas and Benjo have Sinag, their son; Jean brought along Joaquin, her nephew; Sandy and Dennis brought Yuan, Sandy's nephew. I came alone. No kid to bring, what could I do, right?

I asked Dial what Marquie wishes for her birthday. She said that Marquie would like to have a tsum tsum toy. This made me feel like I'm so old. I have no clue what a tsum tsum toy was! Until I went to a toy store and was shown the new toys; from dancing Barbies to Shopkins. And somewhere deep in the girls' toy section, I was shown the tsum tsums.

This is what kids want these days?!? As far as I understood the vendor's explanations, one can stack the tsum tsums on top of each other and "pop" them so that they get thrown off the stack. Seriously?! Oh well, this is just a sign that I'm old. Really old.

Anyway, the face of Mickey Mouse and the other characters were almost unrecognisable! I'm having difficulty relating to these toys because my stuffed toys have appearances closer to what I see on the telly. Who thought of making these tsum tsums anyway? Gosh, they really are changing cartoon characters! 

When I arrived at the children's party, it was good to see my friends with the kids they brought along for the event. They were having so much fun! I was having fun too, until the mascot came. My first thought was that this might be an alien with purple hair. But no. It's supposed to be a character from My Little Pony and Friends, I think. The funny thing is, the adults were disconcerted (because we also grew up with these characters... albeit the 1980s version) but the kids were thrilled. Oh boy! A clear sign of the generation gap! Haha! 

It was such a fun party. The emcee was really good. There were a lot of loot bags for the kids. And the one adult who didn't bring a kid along. Dial handed it to me, saying that I get a loot bag despite not bringing a child along for the party. 

I was touched. Really. 

It was nice of her, though she's not obliged to, to make sure that I didn't feel awkward surrounded by the little children.

Thank you, Dial, for inviting me to Marquie's birthday party!