Friday, November 18, 2016

Je peux lire en français!

Before I went to Japan, Ms Natsu Kawazoe was getting information of guests' dietary restrictions. I had to give her my list of seafood allergies so that the chef/s at the venue could prepare a customised menu for me. Not a problem; I could always just skip a course if it had something I couldn't eat... if it were a buffet. However, the dinner I was supposed to attend followed the American formal dinner style (food, already plated, are served to each diner) so I had to really indicate my food restrictions. Otherwise, the kitchen staff wasted effort in plating for someone not eating a particular course.

(In contrast, the dinner I had at Bale Dutung had service à la française).

I have to say that the timing for me learning French is impeccable. Just before I flew to Japan, the topic we had in class was full-course meals, with the names of dishes and their ingredients in French. Lo and behold, the menu card handed to me:

printed in French and in Japanese! I knew somewhat what I was eating and I didn't have to rely on Google Translate and on Linguee every time a course was served. I could actually read French!! Haha!!

So here's what I had, in all their French-name sophistication:

Champignons et jambon cru et légumes verts 

Rôti de foie gras et jambon avec petits légumes

Estouffade de joues de boeuf à la ballotine sauce BBQ