Wednesday, December 28, 2016

chicken biryani, Concord style

I've tasted what is touted to be the best chicken biryani in the world, which is found in Hyderabad. While I was in Hyderabad, my parents discovered an Indian restaurant called Naan 'n' Curry in Concord. So when I finally popped in, they proposed that we eat there one night so I could taste the Indian food, Concord style. 

The chicken biryani was also good, but I have to admit that it's no match to the chicken biryani I ate in Hyderabad. There's something about the flavours, or perhaps even the atmosphere of actually being in India, that added a kick to my experience of eating the biryani there. On the other hand, the  flavours of the chicken biryani in Concord was probably toned down to cater to the preferences of the non-South Asians who frequent the place... it was jam-packed!

So the biryani was good, but I was totally blown away by the tikka masala. It was so delicious that I could skip the meat and just pour the curry sauce over my basmati rice! Perfect on a cold and wintry day of walking.

I just have to visit Naan 'n' Curry again when I find myself in Concord.