Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy birthday, Danielle!

Time flies pretty fast. Before we realised it, Danielle, the son of a childhood friend of mine, has already turned seven! For some reason, Jollibee has remained very popular to kids and their parents. They are so fond of the character that celebrating a child's seventh birthday in this fast-food chain has become a typical event. This wasn't so during my time, however, because back then, Jollibee was seen as pretty expensive and was a place to go to only when we got high grades in school; we were much more inclined to eat and celebrate special occasions at home or in Chinese restaurants (birthdays have to have birthday noodles, for instance); and Jollibee wasn't accessible back in the day... we had to go to Binondo to see Jollibee (McDonald's was much closer, in Alabang Town Centre).  

Jollibee's current birthday packages and locations make it more convenient for parents to set up a party there; they just practically have to make a reservation and Jollibee will handle all the details (food, mascots, games, loot bags...). And Jollibee branches can be found every few kilometers; it's just a matter of picking a venue for the birthday party.

In Danielle's case, his birthday was celebrated in the Jollibee branch very close to my house (a five-minute drive). Jollibee pulled all the stops for the food: Anna and I were practically filled after being given soda, spaghetti, fried chicken, burger, and ice cream. The kids enjoyed the games so much and the dance numbers by the mascot as well. Danielle was the happiest kid of all, of course.

Thank you, Danielle, for inviting Anna and me to your birthday party. May you have a good year ahead of you!