Friday, January 13, 2017

my first food truck experience

Biboy has been, for the longest time, planning to bring me food trucks; I think he's doing this to give me the big-urban-city feel typically manifest in San Francisco... a city often featured in tv cooking competitions. The closest I have experienced to eating food from a food truck was buying taho from the vendor plying the village on Sunday mornings; or buying grilled street food (like isaw, kwek-kwek) from the vendors at the plaza.

Anyway, Biboy and Barbara finally found the opportunity to bring me to a food truck stop on a cold winter day in the Bay Area. Daddy and I picked up Mommy from work and we went to the venue to meet Biboy and Barbara.

I had thought that it would have a fair-like atmosphere but it was more subdued... maybe because it was a really cold night; Mommy was saying she didn't prepare for eating out-of-doors. Despite that, I think that the experience was really nice and the food options were really delicious. Perhaps I'll have a chance to do it again if ever I pop in on a warmer day.