Thursday, March 30, 2017

An afternoon at the beach

I wanted to go to the beach... this was, perhaps, the only opportunity I have to see the beach in the summer. Val and Amani were happy to oblige, and chose to visit Laiya, Batangas. Because I failed to get day-trip reservations, we ended up touring the different resorts, deciding to stop in the resort I liked the most; which, in this case, was Virgin Beach Resort.

What I liked the most about this resort was that it was peaceful and relaxing. It reminded me of Paradise Cove in Hawaii, where I attended a luau; I wasn't impressed by the food so much, but I particularly loved the relaxing feeling of being on the beach. The other resorts were dotted with big groups of people and were very noisy (thanks to the ubiquitous karaoke and videoke machines)... something we're all trying to avoid.