Wednesday, March 8, 2017

An evening of chamber music at the National Arts Centre

Learning that there was a free concert at the top arts high school in the country, I dropped what I was doing and went to the National Arts Centre with Cindy and Rexie. I have to say that the high school students were able to stand their ground as they performed with seasoned artists from different orchestras all over the world. I was so happy for these students... and I am sure that their parents are so proud of them too.

Many of the songs that the students performed, either solo or with a group, sounded very complicated. Looking at the concert playlist, I could only recognise musicians Handel, Brahms, Mozart, and Bizet... Take note that I am not much of a classical music fan, listening mostly to Beethoven and Mozart (particularly the Requiem).

Anyway, despite my relative ignorance with this field of music, I still enjoyed listening to the different pieces. One of the most memorable one, for me at least, was the "Kinder Suite Op 142" by Schytte. That's because the musicians were all in pyjamas and they were using regular objects as musical instruments. I also particularly enjoyed the Carmen Fantasy by Bizet.

The future is bright for these young ones. I am sure that I will encounter them again... as they perform for a bigger audience on a bigger stage.